The Initially Espousing Advent - Wait Till We Get Our Kacie On You.



The guy has a name by the way, which definitely is not as commonplace as his appearance. Maximus is his name. Not Max, but Maximus. Strange name for such a regular guy. He's not that average though since he is a tattoo artist, so perhaps it is a befitting name. Uno keeps thinking about all this as he sits and waits in something that looks like a dentist's chair. Is it a real dentist's chair? Perhaps that was why Uno was reminded of the dentist earlier. He's also wondering it it'll hurt much; he doesn't know if he has a ...

acoustic leak detection

Water is expensive these days, thus precious. The last thing you need is leaking faucets, and toilets. However, those are easily detectable and fixable. But what about those hidden water leaks that you may not know about? What can you do about them? Have you ever heard of acoustic leak detection? No? Well, that's the answer. Acoustic leak detection is a non-invasive method to detect and locate hidden water leaks in your plumbing. Due to the accuracy of the method there will be minimal damage done, since the digging can be limited to the exact spot of the leak.

I did know that I would manage.

Before I went to the meeting I studied the shareholder registrar and that was the only thing I did to prepare the meeting of this morning. Normally I have a better preparation but because I was sick the whole week I was not be able to do more. I am lucky that I am able to be at the meeting because yesterday I was still a little bit feverish. After a good night sleep I waked up this morning with more energy so I thought I will be able to visit the shareholders meeting. After the meeting I have to ...